Cheatin' Wheat Gluten Free Recipes

Discover gluten-free recipes from our book to yours

vegan, gluten free brownies
No eggs? No Dairy? No problem! You can still enjoy a rich and delicious brownie. Our vegan, gluten free brownies are just the right amouny of cakey and fudgy and deliver a big chocolate punch! read more
gluten free upside down orange scone
Why does pineapple cake get to have all the upside down fun? Instead, this recipe gets topsy-turvey with oranges and scones. These are wonderful, self-saucing little treats that are perfect for brunch or afternoon tea. read more
gluten free stuffed cookies
So, this is not your typical cookie. Our Cheatin' Wheat Gluten Free Chocolate Cake mix serves as the cookie base. That's right. Cake Mix masquerading as a cookie. A stuffed cookie no less. Stuffed with what you might ask? read more
gluten free lemon poppy seed muffins
Sometimes simple is best. Perky lemon and crunchy little poppy seeds make this muffin the perfect pick-me-up. read more
gluten free pasta dough
One of the things I missed most when I first started a gluten free diet was pasta. Not the stuff you buy in the grocery (which does have its place no doubt), but real, handmade pasta. The kind that is undeniably tender. The kind you can flavor with as much olive oil and salt as you want. Well, here is Cheatin' Wheat's favorite homemade gluten free pasta. read more