Cheatin' Wheat Wholsale Products and Information

Cheatin' Wheat is a Gluten Free Foodservice Provider

Want to offer gluten free products in your business? You can order direct from us or our complete line of products is carried by Italco Food Products, Inc.


Cheatin' Wheat Gluten Free Dry Mixes
In a scratch foodservice kitchen, only replace the piece of the puzzle that needs to be gluten free. Let us be your gluten free flour supplier!

1. Cheatin' Wheat was created by a chef and culinary instructor.
2. We tinkered with, tested, and tasted over 30 different gluten free grains, starches and gums to create an excellent gluten free flour blend that is a substitute for traditional wheat flour.
3. This allows you to create gluten free products with a superior taste and texture as compared to those made with other gluten free blends.
4. We provide free recipes and recipe support to all of our customers.
5. We understand storage space and keeping costs in line are paramount which is why you can order our product in 4 lb, 16 lb, 25 lb, 50 lb and pallet sizes.
6. Our line of gluten free dry mixes takes the guess-work out of gluten free baking. Each mix includes all the dry ingredients that are needed in the recipe. All you do is add the wet ingredients and follow the instructions.
7. Our line of gluten free dry mixes is blended in a facility that is certifed gluten free and kosher.

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Cheatin' Wheat Finished Products
Not every restaurant can dedicate the resources to creating signature gluten free items.

1. Cheatin' Wheat meets a variety of needs by providing ready-to-bake, par-baked and fully finished gluten free items.
2. We can offer suggestions and advice on safely providing gluten free items in a variety of environments.
3. 200 million restuarant visits in the past year included a gluten free order.
4. With most of the focus on retail, there has been a shortage of quality gluten free offerings for the food service provider.
5. If you need a signature item, we can help with that too! Contact us for information regarding product development opportunities.

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